Our Story

About the Farm

Smack dab in the middle of Des Moines, Iowa, our urban farm specializes in local, sustainable cut flowers that reflect the season. From tulips to sweet peas, peonies to dahlias, and everything in between. We have all your old favorites and a few new ones too.

Find us weekly out at Dogpatch Urban Gardens Farmstand, order a bouquet online or better yet snag a subscription for weekly blooms delivered right to your door.

Our first few growing seasons have been amazing and we're already dreaming up big plans for the future. Can't wait to share them with you!


About Stacy

My mom loves a beautiful table. The occasion never matters. When I was growing up, she’d bust out the china at breakfast on Tuesday just because. “We need a centerpiece don’t we? Go see what you can find.” Armed with a mason jar and scissors she’d boot me out the door to explore our 100 year family farm for floral treasures. I’d bop all around the farm, snagging whatever was in season. “Oooo I need this one. Ohhh I GOTTA have that one.” I jammed as much as I could into that little mason jar beaming with pride as I returned to place my treasures on the dining room table.  

So it's no surprise that after a 10 year career in the online marketing world, I began to notice a craving for the outdoors. For the sun, the breeze and the feeling of dirt between my fingers. I decided it was time to pursue the dream that had been quietly nagging at me for years. I traded my keyboard in for garden gloves and Tiny Acre Farms was born in the fall of 2016!

Why Local Matters

Over 80% of the flowers sold in the United States are grown thousands of miles away in places like Columbia, Ecuador, and Thailand. They're then shipped to your local grocery store, florist or even most online shops. At Tiny Acres we're on a mission to change that by bringing local blooms to the heart of Des Moines by growing them right here in the city. 

Des Moines Grown

Betcha didn't know that 80% of the flowers sold in the U.S. are imported, primarily from South America. Tiny Acre's blooms are grown just miles from your doorstep. Our bouquets feature blooms grown on our farm here in Des Moines or on our partner farms across Iowa.

Longer Vase Life

Have you ever ordered flowers online and they only last a day or two? Blooms that travel thousands of miles to your door have to be cut much earlier than those bought locally. A fresher cut means your blooms last longer. 

Sustainably Grown

Imported flowers are grown and typically shipped in strong chemicals. We farm using sustainable growing practices so you don't have to worry what you're breathing in when you smell your beautiful blooms.